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Our Team

“No problem AI” was established in 2019, and after three years, we are now a team of 12 employees, who have been divided into specialized teams. Each of them is responsible for a particular area of activity in projects.

We work together and consult on many issues on a daily basis. This way, we feel even stronger by supporting and sharing our experiences with colleagues.

What we do?

At No Problem AI, we help our clients build their competitive advantage based on data. We deliver new processes and solutions which help in the decision-making process as well as optimizing existing costs.

For the last 3 years, we have provided several solutions for clients from all over the world.

Who we are?

We are an outcome-driven, highly specialized group of skilled engineers passionate about IT. Each of us can boast of 7-10 years of commercial experience. Our primary stack is Python, Java/Scala, and NodeJS.

How we work?


Supplier for Engineered Components


The company supplies parts and components for machines and devices. For each order, you must select up to 3 subcontractors (out of several hundred) who will provide the offer and execute the order. It’s a very time-consuming and manual process.


The delivered by us platform automatically identifies 5 subcontractors who best match the received order. It automatically sends requests and reminds you of them when the deadline comes.


Thanks to our platform, ELCEE has reduced the staff needed to handle the process of selecting subcontractors from 6 people to just 2.

Shipping & Logistic Company


15% of shipment addresses entered by customers required manual checking and correction.


The implemented cloud-based solution reduced this value by half. Ultimately, it was achieved for 95%. Ultimately, the manual work in handling addresses was reduced by 95%.


The company can use the saved FTEs (10) for other tasks. Shipment delivery times have been shortened, and travel costs have been decreased.

Electricity Distributor


The client had difficulty predicting the demand for energy in the coming month, which had to be purchased on the Polish Commodity Exchange. In case of underestimating order, an additional purchase was required on the Balancing Market, which was associated with additional unpredictable costs.


The implemented cloud-based solution helped increase planned purchases’ precision by 10%.


Thanks to the cloud possibilities, costs of purchasing additional energy have been reduced by several hundred thousand per month.

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